Language and Intercultural Understanding

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” (Wittgenstein)

Why choose discovery modules from Language and Intercultural Understanding?

Develop your language skills and widen your knowledge of cultures, societies and communication from a range of academic perspectives that will help you become a highly employable graduate.

Modules in this Theme give valuable preparation for employment in a multicultural, multinational environment. You will have the chance to develop practical language skills, either by learning a new language or by developing existing competence in a language, as well as understanding how language works.

Gain an understanding of the world through a range of topics such as business, education, history, music, philosophy, politics and religion. Consider the impact of globalisation, find out about intercultural dynamics and explore the challenge of working across cultures.

Modules in this Theme bring together knowledge and understanding of culture from a range of perspectives such as gender, race and identity through the medium of art, literature, cinema and theatre.

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Make the most of your discovery modules

Depending on how your interests develop, you can opt to take further discovery modules within this Theme, or explore new topics in other Discovery Themes. The modules in this Theme are relevant to both linguists and specialists from other disciplines. You could start by exploring the discovery modules available across the four sub-themes: learning a language, understanding language, culture, history and society, and see which topics interest you.

A coherent selection of modules from Language and Intercultural Understanding will help you develop knowledge, skills, competence and understanding in particular languages and/or topics. Or if you just want to broaden your cultural and linguistic horizons, choose modules from range of sub-themes. Click here to see how you can develop a pathway of discovery modules.

If you want to branch out into other Themes, ‘Media, Culture and Creativity’ offers modules which cover international complementary topics. Alternatively, learn about the relationship between language and employability by taking modules from the ‘Personal and Professional Development’ Theme.

The Sub-themes

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Learning a Language

Make yourself stand out from the crowd by impressing employers with your range of language skills, level of competence and the fact that you offer something different!

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Understanding Language(s)

If you want to understand how language works, develops, changes and is used, this sub-theme is for you.

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Interested in exploring culture and enhancing your knowledge and understanding from a variety of disciplinary perspectives?

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History and Society

Do you wonder about the events, the people and the politics that have shaped the world as we know it? Interested in the diversity of the human experience?

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