Helen Jacob

French and Spanish

As an entertainments manager for Sky Bet, Helen still uses the management and interpersonal skills she first developed through her French and Spanish course and membership of the Film and Catholic societies while at university.

What is your current profession?

I am the Entertainments Manager at Sky Bet

What did you do at Leeds in addition to your course?

I was a member of the Film Society and Catholic Society. I also set up exchanges with various French and Spanish students and made some great friends at the same time as improving my language skills. I was a keen gig-goer at university and was often to be found at the Duchess of York, Town and Country Club and Cockpit checking out bands.

What skills do you feel you developed as part of your course?

I am self-disciplined and have better management skills. I have also developed my research skills, language skills, computer skills, public speaking and communication skills as well as time management skills.

What skills do you feel you developed outside of the course?

Managing finances (though not very successfully!), interpersonal skills developed by meeting such a wide gamut of people of different ages, nationalities and walks of life, life skills (cooking, cleaning, renting a house for yourself) and self-confidence.

What advice would you give to current students when thinking about careers/what they do after University?

Take full advantage of the careers service as there are jobs out there that you don't even know exist! Your degree may seem specialised but it can be applied to a wide range of careers so don't underestimate your abilities or scope for learning new things in the workplace.