Carolyn Taylor

Economic, Social History and Management Studies

Carolyn is a graduate in economic and social history and management studies and now works as a manager for UK Clinical Research Network. While studying, Carolyn found part-time work a big advantage in preparing her for the ‘real world’.

What is your current profession?

I am a CCRN Support Manager at the UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN)

Describe your role.

I manage the implementation of a national-wide Comprehensive Clinical Research Network and supporting the operations of the networks

Describe your career progression.

I started as an administrator at LMU where I did a lot of work to improve operations. I then moved on to become a Business Development Manager for Leeds City Council which involved supporting the set up of new businesses in Leeds and attracting new businesses to the city. From there I came to University of Leeds as a Project Officer, with a 12-month placement in the Secretariat, I then moved to the Project Management Group at the University and progressed rapidly to Project Manager. In December I moved to the UKCRN which is still part of the University of Leeds.

What did you do whilst studying that helped pave the way into your chosen career?

I always held part time jobs whilst studying which prepared me for the ‘real world’ and helped to develop good leadership skills/experience early on

What skills and attributes did you develop as part of your course?

As a result of my course I am hard-working and dedicated to my goals. Management studies provided a strong foundation / understanding for my career (applying the theory!) I also gained good presentation skills including confidence to present well.

What advice would you have for students studying today?

Get as much experience as you can early on to make yourself stand out from the crowd!