Mind and Body

Learn more about how the mind and body works, what keeps us healthy and what happens during disease.

Why choose discovery modules from Mind and Body?

If you want to develop your interest in how your mind or your body works, what influences our health and wellbeing or gain an insight into aspects of medicine and health, you can find a range of modules that address these topics from various viewpoints in this Theme. The Theme contains modules on the biology of mind and body, on psychology, food and nutrition and development. 

New Introductory Module for the Mind & Body Theme

A new on-line year one Discovery Module, MEDS1002 “Introduction to Human Disease”, runs for the first time in term 1 2017/18 providing the opportunity to start your Discovery journey by learning about causes of human disease through an online learning platform.

If you have any questions about Discovery modules you can talk to your academic personal tutor, or email curriculum@leeds.ac.uk



Make the most of your discovery modules

You can build a pathway throughout your three years of study with modules that build on the previous year or mix and match between topic areas. An understanding of what keeps us healthy, in both body and mind, is important for everybody. 

If you want to branch out into other Themes, ‘Exploring the Sciences’ offers modules which cover scientific breakthroughs and challenges. Alternatively, explore complementary modules from the Personal and Professional Development’ Theme.

The Sub-themes

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The Art and Science of Mind and Body

Learn about how the mind and body works

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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

Learn about the science behind staying healthy

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Mind, Body and Society

A broader view on mind and body

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