Creating Sustainable Futures

Discover the environmental, social and economic issues facing society, such as climate change and poverty. This Theme is the winner of the UK Green Gown Awards 2015.

Why choose discovery modules from Creating Sustainable Futures?

Want to increase your employability potential by having the sustainability knowledge and skills that companies, public institutions, government and civil society now require?


Want to get your teeth into the global and local challenges that are shaping our world such as the human cost of cheap consumer goods (poor working conditions, financial inequalities) or the impact of climate change (flooding and droughts)? What might a sustainable future look like and how can we best manage change?

Modules in this Theme will expose you to a range of different tools and approaches that can be used in tackling such problems. You can get stuck in to solving sustainability issues at work, in communities or individual lifestyles. Be part of the ‘campus living laboratory’ scheme alongside the University’s Sustainability Service.

If you enjoy practical project-based work and researching new topics that just might help change the world, then this theme is for you! Click here to see how you can develop a pathway of discovery modules.


We have developed an exciting module just for this Theme that involves blended learning (online learning) or hands on experience in the local community:


Watch the video, produced by LSTV - a student-run society, to find out more about Creating Sustainable Futures.


If you have any questions about Discovery modules you can talk to your academic personal tutor, or email 

Make the most of your discovery modules

Depending on how your interests develop, you can opt to take further discovery modules within this Theme, or explore new topics in other Discovery Themes. Alternatively, you may wish to take a selection of modules from just one of the sub-themes in 'Creating Sustainable Futures' which cover: the science behind sustainability, how to manage global and local challenges in all types of organisations, how society and its institutions are reacting to these challenges, and student opportunities to get involved in sustainability projects.

Click here to see how you can develop a pathway of discovery modules.

If you want to branch out into other Themes, ‘Exploring the Sciences’ offers modules which cover scientific breakthroughs and challenges. Alternatively, learn about the relationship between sustainability and business by taking modules from the ‘Enterprise and Innovation’ Theme.

The Sub-themes

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Science for sustainability

Want to understand humanity’s impacts on the natural environment and the long term implications? Or learn how key ecological systems such as food and water are changing in the face of human development?

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Managing sustainability: About sustainability

Want to learn how organisations, cities and governments manage the complexity of sustainability challenges such as pollution, economic growth and poverty?

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Society and Sustainability: Skills for sustainable futures

Develop sustainability agendas in legal, economic and political structures and see sustainability through the multiple lenses of classics, art, philosophy and religion.

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Getting Involved in Sustainability

Get your hands dirty. Apply your knowledge and skills. And get up close and personal with sustainability!

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Managing Sustainability: Skills for sustainable futures

Gain and practise employability skills for managing sustainability in the workplace. Learn how to incorporate environmental sustainability and social justice into decision-making, organisations and governance structures.

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Society and Sustainability: About sustainability

Learn about sustainability challenges from political, cultural, historical and international development perspectives.

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